Customised Packages

Customised Packages

Concept of customized holiday tour packages has its root in the desire you always have to ensconce yourself and your closed ones and soak in nature with no one in vicinity. Whether you love snow capped mountains or the tropical beaches fascinate you, indulge in your desires. One of most convenient way to travel nowadays is through the tour and travel agency as they offer a wide number of options in terms of tour packages. These packages include all the essential features that are required by every traveller like food, accommodation and transportation. Apart from these basic features, these packages also provide some extra additions depending on the value of the package.

Importance of customized tour packages
  • Customised tour package to do the things your own way.
  • Just travel at own pace with the airline of your choice.
  • Choice of hotels and different cuisines will be yours.
  • choose a personal car with seat-in-coach facility.
  • Be with your loved ones and explore the world.
Opting for tailor-made tour package

Have you ever thought of having a pleasure trip designed and packaged for you specially suiting your choice and your convenience? Karlek brings you the luxurious tour packages, in which get customed tour packages as well. You are provided with various kinds of travel package such as honeymoon packages, adventure packages, ayurveda packages and so on.

Benefits of opting for a customized package

Do you worry about spending so much money on booking your airline tickets? Rainbow assures to take up your travelling charges. You don’t have to spend money during your travel to the destination, nor while coming back. The travellers have the advantages of visiting the places they want to explore and enjoy the life’s best travel experience. They are guided by the itineraries provided to them, where they can get complete ideas about the best places they can visit in the destination.

Our travel counselors are trained to understand the needs and desires of the guests and are updated with the latest travel trends .Based on individual needs, customized itineraries are weaved before turning into successful travel plans. We create specialized travel packages like family holidays, honeymoons, group and series tours, special interest packages such as senior citizen tours and women only tours etc. We know the best suites, the best restaurants, the best beaches and key resort contacts. All of this allows us to create the perfect and comprehensive experience for you. Our Mission is to transcend your prospects every time with outstanding service. We excel in designing tailor made tour packages for domestic, inbound and outbound tourists. We hold leadership in India, Asia and Europe with capability of handling hundreds of zealous travellers every day for every location. The primary focus is on providing unmatched personalized reliable services to all customers. More than 10,000 happy smiles ; with sure conviction the kind of friendly services and hospitality that we provide is unmatched. Since years, our dedicated teams have provided cost effective tours throughout India and abroad to suit the travellers requirements and desires. Karlek Holidays specializes in providing the entire gamut of travel-related services under one roof aspiring to make itself synonymous as a one stop travel and holiday destination.

The gamut of services offered by Karlek Tours embraces:

  • International and Domestic Holiday Packages
  • Students Education Tours
  • Group Package Tours
  • Adventure Tours (Special Interest Travel Packages)
  • Kerala Ayurveda Packages (Medical Tourism)

We are still exploring ways to further expand our services in India and abroad. With an experienced team, the volume of contacts and connections we concoct, we believe we can provide a best value added service in this field in a quickest possible time.

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