Top 10 Beaches of Kerala

Kerala, with an amazing 550 km of shoreline on the Arabian Sea has many pleasant or charming beaches and no wonder are a good alternative to Goa. The beaches of Kerala are between India's outstanding as they are fascinated by softly moving palm trees, wonderfully luke warm waters of the Arabian Sea, kites and eagles which are flying above and dolphins swimming just off the waterside undeniably feel lovely as near to paradise and no doubt its range of water sports and beach related activities like jet skiing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, parasailing, ride on a traditional fishing boat and much more make tourists always busy and commit travellers for reallyan extraordinary seashore journey.
Best Kerala Tour Packages for Family, planning a trip on Kerala beaches, no need to watch additional, here a selection of Top 10 beaches of Kerala will guide you in the correct direction and as well as give you a fast summary of some of the wonderful beaches to visit.

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01 : Varkala Beach

Varkala also called as “Papanasham or Holy beach” is located just 10 km away from Varkala town famous for its natural spring or curative properties, It’s considered that taking a holy dip here washes away all the sins completely. Beside the natural spring Varkala beach impressive sunsets, amazing heart-stirring scenery in the form of big rocky hills or mountains, huge expanses of clean white sand, coconut palms, fantastic beach shops and camps and more an action packed beach activities like parasailing, scuba diving, paragliding, angling and deep-sea fishing attracts a lot of tourists and keep busy here.
No wonder in Kerala, Varkala beach is a significant tourist spot and is frequently regarded as a Hindu pilgrimage by its 2000-year-old shrine the Janardanaswamy Temple which is a short distance from the beach. So it’s not wrong to say a completely wonderful Papanasham beach is absolutely a must visit place in Kerala.

02 : Marari Beach

Calm or peaceful Marari beach which is just 20 minutes far from Alleppey is good for those who'd like to discover the Kerala backwaters and little time at the beach as well.
At Marari, a huge attraction that allure tourists is the earth conscious Marari Beach Resort which is settled on a sprawling land filled with cluster of coconut trees and lotus ponds, beside resort the other things that spell bind tourists is the Ayurveda treatments and yoga classes on the beach, a quick look of usual Kerala village life and beach activities like a light swim, some snorkelling and if you’re lucky—even some surfing.

03 : Bekal Beach

Calm, peaceful and less crowded Bekal beach in Kasargod, Kerala is noted for presenting the outstanding look of the Bekal Fort, which is the biggest and maximum well-kept fort in Kerala.
Beside Bekal Fort, other point that enthrals tourists is a little walk from the beach over to its northern side which connects with a waterway or tide water where one can observe the backwaters of Kerala joining the sea.
So either if you want to spend quality time with your family or stay alone, Bekal beach no doubt can be the perfect place.

04 : Cherai Beach

Together with a presence of coconut tree bordered, Cherai beach in Kochi is noted for parti-coloured seashells. A scenic or pictorial Cherai beach is crowded all year round and the main attraction that mesmerizes tourists a lot is the point where the backwater merges with the sea.
Here the tides are mostly not high so it brings a good chance for swimming for starters as well. So it’s not wrong to say Cherai beach is a place where you can go with yourfamily and friends and definitely a wonderful activity which you take up here is sprinkling water on each other.

05 : Beypore Beach

Nestled in the wonderful touching city of Kozhikode, clean and pure Beypore beach is a good place for hangout or spending some bosom or private time with your loved one.
Behind the purified or natural feature Beypore Beach is noted for Beypore port (operated as an international trade center) and shipbuilding industry. So if you are going to this beautiful place make certain to purchase a small ship souvenir from here.

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06 : Kappil Beach

A unique or private, Kappil beach, nestled in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala, is perfect for spending a peaceful and noiseless time. This unpolluted beach is embellished with rural allure and no wonder can be a best place for couples, poets and thinkers, who always in haunt of special or lonely places to expend time.
Present- day its popularity is rising and lots of tourists come to this beach in order to find ease from the noise and hustle or bustle of the annoying cities. So, before this beach also gets commercialized, what are you waiting must visit it!

07 : Alappuzha Beach

Alappuzha noted as “Venice of East” is one of the ultimate andfamous picturesque beach in Kerala state. This palm-fringed beach has captured a lot of popularity amongst the European tourists, who can be spotted here in huge numbers.
Apart from the serenity, a point that enthrals tourists is its lovely sunset and the beautiful lighthouse which is view from standing on one end of the beach, many movies like Tashan; Sura etc. have been shot here. So if you want some superb photography no wonders it’s really a wonderful place in India.

08 : Shankumugham Beach

A significant Shankhumugham beach is situated about 8kms from the city of Trivandrum is famous for its sunset and no wonder in evening for remarkable sunset this beach is crowded with lot of tourists.
Beside sunset, Shankhumugham beach is also noted for every year“ Bali Tarpanam” (Prayers for the dead) and the “Aaraat” (annual festival march) of the Padmanabhaswamy temple. It’s believed that this famous festival finishes only after taking a holy dip here.

09 : Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad, one of the rare drive-in beaches in India is nestled among Kannur and Thalassery. The tall or lengthy shoreline which can be directed from here adds more entertainment.
Beach activities like paragliding, parasailing, microlite flights, power boating, catamaran ride and more are possible here. No wonder this beach is pleasure for swimmers. In simple words, it’s not wrong to say Muzhappilangad beach is one of the places where all action happens.

10 : Kovalam Beach

Kovalam, one of the best and most wonderful beaches in Kerala, is situated at 12 kilometres south of Thiruvananthapuram is home of three wonderful beaches—Hawa Beach, Lighthouse Beach and Samudra Beach. Kovalam which has always been a hot beach throughout year get in to fame because of its several features coconut trees bordered, natural beauty, exquisite environment and the sand washed ashore will no doubt rejuvenate your body and make your stay relaxing. Apart from picturesque beauty, this beach is famous for activities like sunbathing and surfing, marine activities, catamaran cruise and angling.

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